about antonius

Inspired by tunes he heard playing on the kitchen radio as a child, Christian Antonius Mueller began his piano-playing explorations by the age of four and wrote his first compositions as an eight-year-old. He started to play the piano by listening to the radio. Fascinated by the melodies played by the radio, he performed them on the piano and improvised on the melodies and chords.
As a seven-years-old, he started to take piano lessons and two years later he wrote his first composition for piano. He kept busy from then on improvising and composing on the piano.
Later, at high school, he was given the job as musical director for several plays at the school theatre. He could now gain abilities in arranging and orchestrating. As well he was working as a live-improviser for theatre and pantomime plays.
In choirs at high school and at the conservatory, he gained singing skills and for himself he wrote the first pop songs, including English lyrics. Besides that, he learnt to play the trumpet and joined several brass bands in the area he lived.

The main impulses to develop musicality and technical skills he got from Christian Zaugg with whom he studied professional classical piano performance and teaching at the conservatory in Bern and Zurich. Zaugg taught him the Feuchtwanger-Technique, which bases on a natural body posture and uses a minimum of muscle strength.